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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Wind and Wave Surpass Nuclear in UK Energy Strategy

An article from the Observer by Mark Townsend (2/16/03) reports that the UK's energy policy may soon be nuke-free. According to the article:

No more nuclear power stations will be built in the foreseeable future as the Government turns to wind and wave energy to provide Britain's future electricity needs.

In a seismic shift in policy, Ministers have agreed to back renewable energy as the best way of meeting the UK's targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The long-awaited energy white paper will plunge the nuclear industry into fresh crisis by rejecting demands to build new plants.

Until now, government support for renewables has been patchy due to concern that Britain would not meet its carbon emissions targets.

The white paper, which sets out the UK's future energy strategy, will be unveiled by Patricia Hewitt, the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, later this month.

Sources who have seen its final draft - agreed by cabinet Ministers last week - confirmed that nuclear power had been superseded by renewables as the Government's preferred way of providing power in the future.

'What is clear is that the Government does not want to build a new generation of nuclear power stations if renewables and energy efficiency can deliver,' said one.


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