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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Another Tidal Project

Tidal research continues, as evidenced by this tidal project with windmill-like turbines launched off Devon reported in this post and now, the "sea snail" described in
Tidal Turbine Innovation makes waves for renewable energy hopes
Frank Urguhart, Scotsman (6/27/03). The proposed "sea snail," which will be deployed off Okrney is described as follows:

Standing 15 metres high, the half-size turbine support frame employs an ingenious system of giant hydrofoils which use the down-thrust from tidal currents to hold the structure firmly on the seabed.

The concept avoids the need for expensive gravity or anchoring systems on the ocean floor, which has been one of the main obstacles in the development of tidal generators.

Not only is the project expected to cost less than other technologies which require attachment to the seadbed but its free floating nature allows for more flexibility in where it can be sited. In addition, the sea snail is a prefabricated device which should reduce production costs as well.


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