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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Cape Wind in the News, Twice

July 12th brings not one, but two articles from Cape Cod Online.com on Cape Wind.

Wind Farm Panel OK'd in Senate
by David Kibbe reports that the Massachusetts state senate approved a panel to examine issues associated with wind farms, both on and offshore. The second article,
Wind Farm Savings Disputed
by Jack Coleman shares both sides of the debate on the cost of power and true savings that local residents will realize from the Cape Wind project. According to the article, the Alliance to Save the Sound estimates that the Cape Wind project will save New England customers a paltry 35 cents a month. Cape Wind does not dispute this figure, but claims that additional savings will come from attractively priced long term contracts which would result in savings over time (in contrast to say, natural gas, the price of which recently doubled) as well as benefits from Massachusetts' renewables portfolio requirements.


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