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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Winergy Proposed Farm Meets Little Opposition in Virginia

This article Windmill Farm Plan Meets Little Opposition on Eastern Shore (8/25/03) gives an update on the Winergy offshore windfarm proposal for off the coast of Virgina. As the article reports, in contrast to the Capewind project, Winergy's proposal
is receiving a kinder, quieter reception -- to the point that sponsors of the clean-energy projects think they might have their best shot for approval in Virginia.

The article notes another aspect of the Winergy project that distinguishes it from Capewind. Here, according to company official Bob Link

[Winergy] would likely sell its permit if one is granted, leaving a utility developer to build the windmills, lay the connection cables and sell the power. The project is expected to cost close to $500 million.

Still, opposition or not, there's no shortening the environmental review process for the proposed project which will still require at least a year to examine all of the project impacts and lead to issuance of necessary authorizations.


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