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Friday, September 19, 2003

Another Tidal Project Moves Forward

From Solar Access , there's word of a tidal power project that has secured additional funding (9/15/03). The article reports:

A new company has been formed to allow the further development of pioneering technology to exploit the power of the sea. Northumberland-based Engineering Business (EB) has joined with the New and Renewable Energy Center (NaREC) in Blyth to create Tidal Energy Business (TEB). The technological expertise of EB coupled with a ?1m (US$1.6 million) investment from NaREC in the new company, will allow vital development work on the Stingray ocean energy demonstrator - currently sited on the seabed in 30 meters of water off the Shetland Islands - to continue. Stingray was designed by EB to exploit energy in moving water, driving a generator through hydraulic cylinders and a motor. EB said initial tests have proved positive and on the back of the establishment of the new company, EB and NaREC expect to attract more funding to build a demonstration Stingray power station [...] The Stingray 150kW demonstrator was first installed in Shetland last year, the first large scale tidal stream generator ever to be installed in an exposed ocean environment. Stingray is currently on the seabed in 30m of water in Yell Sound undergoing intensive development and is yielding rapidly increasing power output and energy capture.

So, that makes another ocean project from across the Atlantic that we've reported on today (see here for information on the other project.)


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