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Monday, October 04, 2004

More Money for Development of Deep Offshore Wind Farms

This press release,
Deep Offshore Wind Farms - Atlantis Power LLC Offers 45% Equity to Raise USD2million in Seed Capital
announces that "Offshore Source LLC of Texas and Innovaxin Consulting of Malta, have today announced their 45% sale in shareholding in Atlantis Power LLC aimed at raising USD2m capital to kick-off the commercial process in launching the first deep offshore wind farm operating in up to 120m of water and sustaining three 2MW wind turbines."

The press release describes:
Offshore wind farms are inherently a permanent structure. Maintenance has to be done out at sea. using specialized heavy lift equipment. Even their construction is a complex civil engineering operation that has to be done offshore. With the Trident Class deep offshore platform, wind farms operators have the possibility to assemble the platform with the wind turbines along dock and tow it to the site using no expensive heavy lift floating cranes. Critical maintenance can be done along dock and eventually decommissioning is a question of jacking down the platforms and towing them away.

"Deep offshore wind farms are the ideal candidate for densely habited
coastal cities or islands. Offshore wind is some 5 to 10% more stronger. Aesthetic effect is minimized. Impact on the environment is nearly negligible. Most importantly the cost of the platform and their siting and commissioning is comparable with that of their onshore cousins when including cost of land acquisition, road building and landscaping. The premium offshore wind tops up the difference and make deep offshore wind farms highly cost effective and efficient operations"


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