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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Scotland Continues to Develop Its Wave Resource

According to this article, Marine energy put on the map , (11/24/04), plans are in the works for a major survey of 6000 miles of Scotland's coastline to generate data that would help investors identify potential offshore sites for wave-power and tidal-power installations. Existing information about the coastal environment and the results of new survey work will be analysed to assess the environmental impact of marine-energy developments. According to the article, survey work and analysis are due to begin next spring and are expected to take more than 12 months to complete, at a cost of about £22 million.

Recently, as we discussed in this post , E2i completed a preliminary assessment of wave resources for six coastal states. From what my colleagues tell me, the data on currents has all been gathered and it's simply a matter of compiling and evaluating that information to identify potentially optimal sites. Think of how far we'd get in the US if we invested even half of what Scotland has in our wave energy program.


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