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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Wind to Become A Leading Energy Source

Wind's power to meet energy needs both in the United States and Great Britain is growing as reported in these two articles. The first piece entitled
Wind Power Set to Become World's Leading Energy Source

Lester Brown, Common Dreams News Center (6/26/03) delivers an opimistic report on wind power's ability to meet all U.S. energy needs:

Advances in wind turbine design since 1991 allow turbines to operate at lower wind speeds, to harness more of the wind's energy, and to harvest it at greater heights -- dramatically expanding the harnessable wind resource. Add to this the recent bullish assessments of offshore wind potential, and the enormity of the wind resource becomes apparent. Wind power can meet not only all U.S. electricity needs, but all U.S. energy needs.

The second article,
Gutsy Britain is Boosting Wind Power to Fight Global Warming
, Beth Gardiner,
ENN 6/26/03 describes how Britain is pursuing wind development to combat global warming and other adverse environmental impacts of fossil fuel.


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