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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Two Change Course on Cape Wind Project

Like a woman, it's also a college's and former news anchor's perogative to change their respective minds - and these two did. As reported in College Accepts $100,000 Cape Wind Donation Orignally Rebuffed Because of Controversy, Glenn Ritt (8/28/03). According to the article

Cape Cod Community College has reversed itself, deciding to accept a $100,000 gift it originally rejected from the president of Cape Wind Associates because of his controversial wind farm proposal for Nantucket Sound. The college's earlier rebuff came just as Gov. Mitt Romney was cutting $94,000 from the very program designated to coordinate the gift from Jim Gordon. The state Legislature eventually voted to restore that money. The college's 180-degree shift came after a firestorm over its original refusal. Some education foundation board members complained that there was no precedent for the rejection and that the college lacked a clear policy on gifts. Subsequently, a policy was approved, and Gordon offered the college a second chance, college President Kathy Schatzberg reported.

Likewise, Walter Cronkite has also changed course on the Cape Wind Project as reported among other places, here (Vineyard Gazette - 8/29/03) and here. (Boston Globe 8/29/03).
According to these sources, Mr. Cronkite said he now prefers to be a more objective observer of both the process and project. Expressing some regret in a Boston Globe article by Stephanie Ebbert, Cronkite is quoted as saying:

"I must say, as [the wind farm] was presented to me, I had to clench my teeth to be sure I didn't get hysterical," Cronkite said in a phone interview. "It sounded like such a ghastly invasion of this wonderful body of water, which is Nantucket Sound. I will confess, also, that I did not do my own homework as I should have before making the statements. I did not and I can only regret that now."

Combined with a victory over its ability to site a test wind tower (reported above), it seems like a good week thus far for Cape Wind.


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