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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Wind Farm Proposed For Off New Jersey Coast

This article,
Windmill Generator Plants Proposed Off Jersey Coast
, Newsday (October 6, 2003) reports on proposals by several companies to construct wind farms off the New Jersey shore. For example, the state Board of Public Utilities recently awarded a $300,000 grant to a wind power company, Atlantic Renewable Energy Corp., of Richmond, Va., to study the feasibility of offshore wind energy projects. And in another proposal, In another proposal, the Bald Eagle Power Co. Inc., a New York firm, seeks to build a 400-foot data-gathering tower at each of nine sites off Belmar, Monmouth Beach and Long Island, N.Y., and two demonstration wind farms off Long Island. The project's wind turbines would convert wind energy into electricity, which will be used to make hydrogen that would be shipped to shore for use as energy, Bald Eagle explained.

Finally, amid this proposed development, the state Department of Environmental Protection began work on an Ocean Resources Management Plan about two years ago and expects to have recommendations on managing ocean resources, including wind energy, by March. It remains to be seen how these proposed projects will fit with the DEP's work plan.


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