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Monday, December 08, 2003

Wind Power for Cornell University

As a Cornell Law School alum, I was pleased to come across this article,
Wind Power At Cornell? ,
Shannon Brescher, Cornell Sun (11/25/03). According to the article, back in October the environmental activist group Kyoto Now! launched their new campaign, Wind Power Now! with a goal of building a Cornell-owned wind farm in Ithaca that will supply ten percent of the University's energy. This wind farm will either have two or seven wind turbines, depending on their power output. For now, the administration is backing the newest effort so far. Originally, they said that building a wind farm wouldn't be possible because of legal concerns as a non-profit. But after Carleton College in Minnesota built a wind farm, Lanny Joyce '81, manager of engineering, planning and energy management in the department of utilities and energy management, agreed to the idea.


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