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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Ocean Energy Project on Display in Museum

Ocean energy doesn't seem sufficiently old or historic to warrant display in a museum, yet according to this article here, there's an ocean energy project include in a Smithsonian Best of American Design exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. the project, described as a "wave energy" garden and conceived by Yusuki Obuchi is described as follows:

Envisioned for the Southern California coast to replace a nuclear power plant, "Wave Garden" would float like a giant quilt on 480 acres of ceramic pods, generating electricity from the Pacific's waves. When generators shut down on weekends, the 1,734 pods -- each 3 inches thick -- would rise just above the ocean's surface to form lagoons for swimmers and boaters.

It's nice for an ocean project to be recognized in an exhibition, but let's hope that eventually, wave technology will be put to commercial use and not be confined to museum displays.


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