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Monday, October 04, 2004

Massachusetts Still Looking for Ways to Expand Jurisdiction Over Cape Wind

This article, State looks at sea boundary with one eye on wind farm , John Leaning,
Cape Cod Online (10/4/04) reports that:
two rocky formations off Cape Cod's southern coast are being evaluated as potential sites from which to measure a new state territorial sea boundary.
If these formations qualify as "baseline points" to redefine the state's three-mile limit, a portion of the proposed wind farm in Nantucket Sound might be included within the new state boundary, opening the potential of more state jurisdiction over at least a part of the hotly contested project.

However, it is unclear how much an expansion of the state boundary will matter, since much of the project will still remain outside the scope of the state. Moreover, a Cape Wind representative quoted in the article said that if the state's three-mile boundary does shift to include part of the project, Cape Wind will simply align the wind turbines to ensure they are outside state territory and jurisdiction.


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