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Sunday, November 28, 2004

New Ocean Energy Invention by A High School Student

A high school senior has created an ocean wave energy device that will vie for the $100,000 prize in this year's Siemens-Westinghouse competition against five other finalists. The story comes from this article,
Award-winning invention turns swells into electricity
, Sherry Parmet, Union Tribune, (11/25/04).

The article explains:

To build his device, Aaron adapted a retired computer printer part for the generator. The motor was from an old answering machine. The gyroscope was from a flywheel from an older-style reel-to-reel tape deck. His project was evaluated by a team of scientists and faculty at the University of California Berkeley. Lead judge Roger Falcone, a UC Berkeley physics professor, said Aaron's use of a gyroscope was creative, original and impressive because of its simplicity. "For many years, people have known that wave energy is very powerful, but his solution using a gyroscope is novel," he said. "We actually looked on the Web and at the patent office, and we couldn't find any work done on this." Aaron said he believed the gyroscope might generate electrical power from waves because it would automatically push back against them, enabling it to absorb wave energy. Aaron said his device is a free-floating system that is environmentally benign.

Perhaps a win by Goldin will reinvigorate interest - and investment - in ocean energy in the United States.


  • At 9:32 PM, Blogger Bob M said…

    I am very interested in hearing more about Aaron's efforts. I have been curious about the use of a gyro powered electrical generator, using ocean waves, since I became acquainted with a devise known as a dyna-bee, about 15 years ago. A dyna-bee is a wrist exerciser that uses the resistance principals of gyroscopic forces to generate acceleration and further resistance. I have always thought that if someone could perfect the principals of the dyna-bee and the somewhat random action of ocean waves, the generation of electricity of virtually unlimited magnitude could be constructed. I am wondering if Aaron has ever seen a dyna-bee. And if he has, did it influence his efforts. If he hasn’t, I think that observing one could be quite beneficial to the future development of his idea.

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