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Friday, February 04, 2005

Large Scale Wave Project Up and Coming In the UK

This article, Wave and Tidal Power to Feed Grid Within 3 Years (January 31, 2005) reports that the UK's first large scale wave and tidal power generation farms could be contributing to the national grid within 3 years under a new support scheme worth £42million announced today by Energy Minister Mike O'Brien. As quoted in the article, Mr. O'Brien said:

"The marine renewables sector is at a critical point in its development from pipe dream, through R&D, to commercial viability.

"The UK is already by far the most attractive place to develop these emerging technologies. The Government has invested £15m in R&D, and it's now clear that there are a number of exciting wave and tidal projects on the verge of pre-commercial operation.

"This new £42m scheme marks a watershed. It will kickstart construction of large scale demonstration farms and will for the first time see wave and tidal power feeding into the national grid.

"Harnessing energy from the seas has terrific potential which, alongside wind and other renewables, will make an increasingly vital contribution towards reducing carbon emissions and diversifying our energy mix."

It's hard to imagine a U.S. energy official making the same announcement or similarly acknowleging the potential of wave energy as part of the nation's energy mix, but perhaps the tides will turn...


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