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Monday, April 18, 2005

Coverage of Offshore Wind in the Media

In this article,
Why I left The Times
, by Jack Coleman, a former Cape Cod Times Reporter (4/12/05), opines on the bias of the Cape Cod Times in reporting on the Cape Wind Project. According to Coleman, the paper has refused to send reporters overseas to report on offshore wind projects that successfully overcame opposition and refused to correct a poll that showed misleading information about public opinion regarding the offshore wind project. The paper's policies ultimately lead to Coleman's decision to leave.


  • At 3:43 PM, Blogger Tracy Rouleau said…

    I also encountered the bias you are describing in recent research done on Cape Cod studying public attitudes towards the Cape Wind project. The "well-funded opposition" was very powerful on the Cape, and one of the primary groups opposed to the project used unfair tactics (some might consider them downright sneaky!) to support their opposition.

    If you want more information on public attitudes regarding the Cape Wind Project, we recently published a paper in the Coastal Management Journal (33) titled "The Offshore Wind Power Debate: Views from Cape Cod" (Kempton et al. 2005) where we examined, in detail, both the opposition and support for the project via interviews of Cape residents.


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