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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Good Luck, Long Island, With the LIPA Offshore Project!

In this post, Huge Offshore Wind Turbines for Long Island?(MSNBC - 4/27/05), we learn that the Long Island Power Authority has filed its application for offshore wind the the Corps of Engineers and simultaneously luanched a public relations campaign to get support for the offshore wind turbines.

Since my renewable background comes by way of the frequently contentious field of hydroelectric licensing, I've long realized that the renewable name is not enough to combat NIMBY sentiments and environmental opposition. As recently as a few years ago, many newer renewable developers failed to realize this, believing instead that providing green energy would be sufficient to make their projects acceptable. But now most renewable developers - like any others - recognize the need to get public support behind projects, to be up front about impacts and willing to mitigate if necessary. Unfortunately, these steps can be time consuming and costly - and can pose an impediment to newer and less well-financed renewable projects.


  • At 9:55 AM, Blogger Gordian Raacke said…

    Public Participation Crucial for Large Renewable Energy Projects

    Since first calling for an offshore wind potential study on Long Island in our 1999 PowerChoices Report, we realized that any large-scale offshore wind project would require broad public outreach and education efforts from the very beginning.

    That is why we brought together a number of local, regional and national environmental groups to form the Long Island Offshore Wind Initiative (see LIOWI website at www.LIoffshoreWindEnergy.org) and to work with the Long Island Power Authority on the proposed 140 MW offshore wind park.

    From the start, we held community meetings and conducted educational events to make sure that all stakeholder groups got a chance for meaningful participation. To date, we have held over 80 meetings and are continuing this effort.

    I think that this approach has been very successful and is largely responsible for the high percentage of public support in polls (a Newsday webpoll showed 87% support; an April Cablevision/News 12 webpoll 82% support).

    We will continue these efforts as the proposal moves through the regulatory review process and hope to make it a model for other renewable energy projects in the country.

    Gordian Raacke
    Executive Director
    Renewable Energy Long Island (RELI)


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