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Friday, August 01, 2003

Fishermen Don't Support Offshore Wind

As reported in this piece from Capecodonline.com (7/31/03), local fishermen do not support the Cape Wind project. In fact, as reported, 300 fishermen signed a petition to the Ocean Task force, asserting that the wind farms proposed for Cape Cod and other coastal areas could harm fisheries and create navigational hazards. Fishermen have identified the following issues:
"Our concern is 130 turbines will upset the balance of nature and the environment in the sound," she said, referring to the Nantucket Sound wind farm proposed by Cape Wind associates.

Dave Bergeron of the Massachusetts Fisherman's Project said fishermen are concerned about safety hazards posed by turbines.

"I have never talked to a single fisherman who supports the (Cape Wind) farm in that location," he said. "From our point of view they pose a hazard to fishermen. This is not an aesthetic concern, this is about jobs."


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