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Sunday, August 03, 2003

If They Say It's Not All About NIMBY, It Really Is

We don't need to add much commentary to Sam Allis' column Hypocrisy Blows In, Boston Globe (8/3/03):

When former Senator Dale Bumpers began his defense of Bill Clinton in the former president's impeachment trial, he quoted H. L. Mencken: ''When you hear somebody say, this is not about the money - it's about the money.'' And, ''When you hear somebody say, this is not about sex - it's about sex.''

In the same vein, when you hear opponents of the proposed wind turbine project in Nantucket Sound say this is not about Not In My Backyard, it's about Not In My Backyard.

What this wind farm proposal does, quite simply, is to call the bluff of every alleged environmentalist on the Cape and Islands who was weaned to believe that clean, renewable energy is better than sex: Will they think globally and act locally on this one?

Apparently not.

Check out the column to see what else Allis has to say about the Cape Wind project and its critics.


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