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Monday, October 11, 2004

Potential Roadblock to Cape Wind Cleared

According to this article, Tough language dropped in Cape wind farm plan , Beth Daley, Globe Staff | (October 8, 2004) a Defense Authorization Act amendment that would have indefinitely delayed the Cape Wind Project has been dropped by Senator Warner. As the article states:

The amendment would have prohibited the 130-turbine Cape Wind project and all other offshore wind projects from moving forward until Congress worked out a suite of issues, including compensation for public lands and competitive bidding.

Warner's office said late last night it was unclear if the provision would remain in the bill. However, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who supported Warner's attempt, said it was clear that cohesive rules needed to be adopted for energy proposals on the ocean, especially with a recent US Commission on Ocean policy report that highlighted the issue.

"While Senator Warner's proposal was not adopted, it's clear that momentum is building to address the US Commission on Ocean Policy's recommendations," Kennedy said.


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