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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Electric Socket Under the Sea

This article, 'Electric socket' in sea to make waves (Scotsman, 2/10/05)reports that a giant electric socket on the seabed has been proposed which could help develop Britain's wave power indutry. From the article:

The proposed multi-million pound Wave Hub "socket" - which would be moored ten miles off the South West coast - would be a test bed for wave power developers.

Wave energy converters on or just below the surface would be linked to the wave hub, and an electricity cable would run under the sea floor to connect it to the national grid on land.

A location for the project off the coast of Hayle, north Cornwall, has been identified.

The plan - which has support in principle from Energy Minister Mike O’Brien - would bridge the gap between production prototypes and full commercial wave farms. It would also generate enough clean, renewable energy to power 60,000 homes, according to studies commissioned by the South West of England Regional Development Agency.


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