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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Update on US Tidal Power Development

A Reuters report,
U.S. cities eye ocean waves for power supplies
(2/15/05) gives an update on tidal and wave energy developments in the US. The article reports that in May, Verdant Power is scheduled to place as many as six underwater turbines on the bottom of New York City's East River to supply power to a food market on Roosevelt Island in the river, which separates Manhattan from the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Eventually, the project could expand to 200-300 turbines and would produce five to 10 megawatts of electricity at an initial cost of $20 million, but New York state as a whole, Taylor said, could produce about 1,000 megawatts, or power for about 1 million homes. The fuel source is free.

There's tidal progress on the West Coast as well with the City of San Francisco studying wave energy potential beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. The article reports that the city is working on a demonstration project with Scotland's Ocean Power. Other offshore sites include Oahu, Hawaii, WellFleet, Massachusetts, and Gardiner, Oregon, are also candidates for pilot studies.


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