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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Press Release: Former Energy Secretary Abraham Supports Ocean Renewables in the Energy Act

Here's the text of a recent Press Release that's important enough to publish in full, here:

WASHINGTON, April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Former Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham expressed his strong support for all viable energy options -- including electric generation from ocean resources -- at the Energy Ocean Conference 2005. "The time is right for ocean energy technologies that capture the energy from ocean currents, waves, tides, offshore wind, and temperature differentials. We cannot afford to overlook the vast potential of ocean energy as we continue to develop our strategic energy security options," Abraham stated. "The ocean energy industry has matured over the past few decades, and the technologies are becoming commercially viable at a time when our nation seeks greater energy independence. The time is right," he added.

Carolyn Elefant, Legislative Director for Ocean Renewable, a Washington, D.C.-based ocean energy lobbying group, emphasized the need for legislative and regulatory reforms to support the development of ocean renewable technologies, "We need to leave no rock unturned in developing answers to our energy needs, including our rich ocean energy resources." Elefant stated, "As the White House pushes for streamlining the legal and regulatory permitting obstacles to nuclear and fossil fuel options, it's vital for our energy security to keep renewable options open and promote those that present commercially viable resources. With energy security at stake, we cannot afford to leave any option for granted."

Richard Meyer, Executive Director of the Ocean Energy Council echoed these concerns and added, "Over the past few decades ocean energy has been tested with the commercial viability receiving varying successes; yet, the physics are proven. The host of new technologies, along with the commercial successes of wind and other renewable resources, provide vast horizons for meeting our energy needs using clean, environmentally sound, reliable, and cost-effective solutions."

The 2005 Energy Bill recently passed the House of Representatives and is headed to the U.S. Senate. Congressman Inslee, who successfully included two amendments in the final House bill to advance ocean energy development, remarked, "I hope the ocean energy industry continues to grow as we move toward a goal of breaking our dependence on foreign oil. Protecting the environment, increasing employment and promoting technology can all be achieved by pursuing creative solutions to renewable energy, such as ocean power."

The press release includes quotes from Richard Meyer of the
Ocean Energy Council and me, the new Legislative Director at Ocean Renewable .


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