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Monday, February 21, 2005

California Wave Energy Developments

This article from the LA Times, Power Play , Christopher Reynolds, LA Times (2/15/05) reports on San Francisco's progress with its proposed wave energy projects. The first, is described as "a 420-foot-long snake-like device that would float four miles off the beach, collecting wave motion in the same way inland windmills grab gusts." The estimated cost for the first phase is $6 million and at this time, $40,000 has been collected with hopes for investment from private companies to pay the rest. In addition, the surfing community has expressed some concern about the impact of the project on wave swells.

The article reports that San Francisco officials approved another ocean-power project. In that venture, London-based HydroVenturi would pay for and place collection devices 60 feet underwater to capture energy from tidal motion under the Golden Gate. That $4-million effort, twice delayed, could begin as soon as fall, but there too, finances have been uncertain.


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