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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

OTEC Proposals

This article entitled 50M Energy Plant to Rise on Saipan from the Saipan Tribune, (3/27/03) describes the renewed interest in OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion) . Apparently, the OTEC plant described in the article can provide electricity and fresh water at lower cost than available from other sources.

Update on AquaEnergy Project

This piece
called Current from the Tides by Derek Reiber from TidePool 3/25/03 reports on the progress of AquaEnergy, a Mercer Island company working on a one MW wave energy conversion system which will be deployed off the coast of Washington State. As we reported earlier, FERC declared jurisdiction over the project, finding that it constituted a hydroelectric project subject to licensing by FERC under the Federal Power Act.

New Wind Farms for the Cape

Here's a link to an article
entitled Seven New Wind Farm Proposals, Lawmakers Mull Regulation by Jennifer Peter from Boston.com, 3/25/03. The article reports on several of Winergy's Cape area offshore wind proposals.

National Academy of Sciences Sponsors Ocean Symposium

I gave a talk at the National Academy of Sciences Ocean Symposium held on March 19, 2003. You can access my presentations at my law firm website here.