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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Cape Wind Offers Data

This brief clip here
reports that Cape Wind is offering fishermen and boaters data on wind direction which has been collected from Cape Wind's data tower.

More Opinions on the CapeWind Project

Here are two more opinions on the Cape Wind Project from two op-eds, this one from the Christian Science Monitor and this one from the more locally based Barnstable Patriot. In the CS Monitor piece
, author Lisa Suhay (who notes that she spent childhood summers on the Cape) takes issue with the apparent hypocrisy of many project opponents:

Perhaps the only serious damage this project has done is to engender the wrongheaded wrath of two usually environmentally friendly icons: Cronkite and the Kennedy family, who also oppose this project. Opposition to the development of this resource appears to be more rooted in a disrupted view and lifestyle than the nobler causes those people have always supported.

Taking a different and more critical approach in his Barnstable op-ed, Daniel Adams (a boater and writer) asks for a simple answer to why the projects must be sited in the Nantucket Sound. Of the debate over issues like birdkills, jurisdiction, local benefits and so on, Adams writes:

It is all obfuscation, resulting in a needless debate that can potentially set back the environmental movement decades. Opponents of environmental progress will use the arguments employed against Cape Wind's project to shoot down more worthy wind-produced energy ventures. Environmentalists will be forced to eat their own words, weakening future effectiveness by the blood shed on this particular battlefield. Thus, whether Cape Wind gets to build their power plant or not, the loser is, in due course, the environment.

So this writer respectfully asks Cape Wind Associates: If you truly have the environmental movement's interests at heart like you say, then please, select a less objectionable site and put an end to the carnage.

Adams concludes his piece by offering his backyard as a potential site of the project if it would mean sparing the divisive debate.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Cape Wind Makes More National News

As more evidence that the debate over the Cape Wind project is broadening beyond local limits, here is a
piece from CBS morning news covering the Cape Wind story. Not surprisingly, former CBS anchorman, Walter Cronkite, one of the project's opponents, is mentioned.