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Friday, March 04, 2005

A New Tidal Technology

According to this article,
(2/25/05), a British company is pursuing a "revolutionary breaktrhough in tidal technology." As the article describes:
The offshore Ocean Hydro Electricity Generator (OHEG) power plant allows electricity to be generated from the sea, around the clock.
Based on the use of tidal and chamber turbines, combined with energy accumulators, energy is created through the natural tidal stream and the rise and fall of the tide - a more reliable energy source than wind or solar technologies[...]

The offshore OHEG structure would consist of three rows of chambers and two outer walls, creating four channels, with the tidal stream then diverted through these channels.
Within the chambers would be groups of energy accumulators which create power from the rise and fall of the tide. Between the rows of chambers and the outer walls are banks of tidal turbines, with four banks per channel. The OHEG plant holds back over 6 million tonnes of water every six and a half hours and in doing so creates power through the chamber turbines.
The plant also makes a suitable foundation for offshore wind turbines, although they are not essential for its operation, and the OHEG system is six times more powerful than the wind farm it supports.

More information about the unique OHEG renewable/natural energy system can be obtained from: Pat Cooke, Managing Director, Hi-Spec Research & Developments Ltd, Windmill Industrial Estate, Windmill, Fowey, Cornwall, PL23 1HB. Tel: +44-(0)1726-833337, Fax: +44-(0)1726-833811, Email: pat@able-engineering.co.uk . Issued by Bird & Moore Ltd: Contact: Neil Moore, Tel: +44-(0)1889-565111, E-Mail: birdandmoore@btinternet.com on behalf of Hi-Spec Research & Developments Ltd.


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