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Friday, March 04, 2005

More Funding for Scotland's Marine Energy Resources

In Tide Turning For Marine Energy (3/1/05), there's more funding on the way for the tidal test centre at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney. The EMEC currently offers unique testing facilities to support the development of wave energy.
The article quotes Deputy First Minister Jim Wallace as stating that
On and off shore wind energy, biomass, hydrogen and solar will have crucial roles to play, and wave and tidal energy has the potential to make a significant contribution.

"For example, the recent marine energy report by the Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland indicated that by 2020, wave and tidal technology could provide 10 per cent of the electricity generated in Scotland as well as support 7,000 jobs.

"There is a huge natural resource off the Scottish coastline and it is important we utilise it. Doing so will reduce the Carbon Dioxide emissions which are harming our environment, and create more jobs, benefiting Scotland as a whole. If the tidal centre is built, as I am confident that it will be, then it is clearly a significant step towards achieving these goals. It will help us maintain our position at the forefront of global research into marine energy. "

It is unfortunate that in the U.S., we do not recognize the added economic benefits of promoting a robust renewable energy industry that includes diverse resources such as ocean. Sure, renewables offer environmental and security benefits, but also benefits for the economy as well.


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